Ch’umil’al (20 Day Signs)

Meanings of the twenty Nawales (day signs) of Mayan Cholq’ij (Tzolkin) Calendar


Nawal E

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE GLYPH The glyph signifies: on the upper right side are the ears which signify the path; the curves and the points are the stones placed on the side of the path. It has as special characteristic that is always represented with a flat nose that represent the


Nawal Aj

SIGNIFICANCE OF GLYPH The vertical lines signify the superior stalks that don’t reach the end. This represents the development of the spiritual process and the sacred interconnectedness. The horizontal line represents the multiplication and the horizon.   THE DAY Aj symbolizes the corn field or the garden; everything that is


Nawal Noj

SIGNIFICANCE OF GLYPH It symbolizes the knowing. The drawing in the center represents the brain and the points are the three grades of the human spiritual growth. THE DAY The Energy of this day is good to nourish the mind, to harmonize relationships, to ask for clarity and especially to


Nawal Kawoq

SIGNIFICANCE OF GLYPH The glyph signifies the support of the world, represented in the sphere. It also represents a spermatozoid and its descendence (the genealogical tree). THE DAY This is a good day to as for the common good; for the family so that all familial confrontations may be fixed;


Nawal Ajpu

SIGNIFICANCE OF GLYPH The glyph signifies the face of the hunter, with the beard and with the mouth rounded to indicate the shooting of the blowgun. The other side represents the blowgun itself. THE DAY This is a good day to obtain certainty, the security, to plan and to reach

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