The Thirteen Numbers of the Cholq’ij


Congress Indigenous people of america - zaculeu, huehuetenangoThe 13 numbers are conceptualized similar to a pyramid. From numbers 1 to 7 we are climbing with much effort. At the number 8 we are in a position where perfect harmony is possible and on the top of the pyramid, and 9 to 13 is directed downhill, creating more ease with the energies, as they are no longer so forceful in developing us. This varies slightly between men and women: for men, 8 is considered to be the top of the pyramid as they are considered to typically be more balanced physically and have to struggle more to reach the spiritual levels than women, where 9 is the top of the pyramid, where they are typically thought to be slightly less stable in the physical realms but have an easier time accessing the spiritual.

  1. Great force and power. The first gear, (like compound) but it does not flow easily. Unity. The first Force is complete. Force of creation.
  2. Polarized, yet in balance. Two energies, positive and negative. Polarity
  3. The addition of creative right brain energy, Results in what one does.
  4. The balance. The four energies, elements of the 3 dimensional universes: wind; water; earth and fire. Solidarity. Balance. Elements. Four planes of manifestation: physical; mental; emotional and spiritual.
  5. Elevation of creation. The 5th element, Ether. Is a helper to # 8 Work. The action energy.
  6. Imbalances. Many tests and things to evolve to, and work to develop. The physical world, the body. The tests are to develop, refine, learn balance and overcome.
  7. Energy to catalyze. Great power versus great temptation. A final test, and step, before the summit. Equilibrium, harmony. A force that can harmonize.
  8. Complete energies of the material world. The top of the pyramid. A world of male authority. Energy of arts and Creativity. The highest Male energy.
  9. A world of female strength, it has 9 levels within and represents the emotional, intuitive, the artist. Power of realization and the creative energies, highest vibration of the female energy.
  10. Creativity – flowing. The law, the authority.
  11. Energy that has many tests and payments. More of a spiritual and mental order. It is the test to transmute to knowledge. Action of dividing, sorting Separating, putting in order, sharing.
  12. Strong energy that ignites because 12 is a spiritual catalyst. The group, the family, the association.
  13. The foundation and base of the pyramid. Realization and transmutation. The magic of being able to change and create, Governs all the other numbers.