Candles – Mayan Significance of Colors


Maximon Candles


Color of the East, red is used for energy, love and to take sadness away. It is used to clarify things; the color is an excellent protector and it does away with bad energies. This color is related with the fire element, therefore it is, in this sense, an activator and catalyzer.


Black is the color of the West and serves to cut all negative energy as it the color for cutting negative work. It brings light from where the problems come from. Black is a very strong and powerful color that only needs to be used to cut the negativity, illness, mental or financial/economic problems. This color should never be used to ask for something against someone as the energy would be returned against the sender. Black is related to the earth element and the occult.


White is the color of the North and is the color for purification relating directly to the mind, to calm anxieties and to help the memory. It is a very subtle color that brings calm and tranquility. This color is related with the air element. Because of its subtlety and power of purification, it helps to develop vision and perception.  White is also used to ask for the health of children.


Yellow is the color of the South; it is the energy of life, used for health, protection and to help adults. This color gives the force (strength) for life. Yellow is related to the water element and the plants. Yellow gives the ability to know where things are in the material manifestation.  Yellow is also used to ask for the health of adults.


This color helps to fix feelings that have to do with sublime love. It is similar to red, but more subtle. Pink helps to bring tranquility to people.

Baby Blue

This color is related with the subtlety of the mind and helps to develop internal powers for vision and revelations in the dreams. It is the color that seeks opportunities in every sense. Baby Blue is intimately connected with green and the color blue. Baby Blue is the color that gives opportunities in studies and in work. Use this color to work with people that have everything turning out wrong for themselves.  Baby Blue is also used to attract money, happiness, and for traveling.


Green is the color for hope. It is the one that solidifies opportunities, especially those that have to do with the material, be it with property or work. Green is also the color that gives success in the profession (career). This color gives abundance in the material and nature as a manifestation of reality.


Blue is the color of fortune, it is to say the one that solidifies everything that has to do with finances. Blue should be used when there are material problems or to support businesses and projects so they may have better finances. Together with Baby Blue and green, Blue gives the opportunity to realize and proportion material well being. Normally it should be used in a sequential order for this purpose

* The colors Blue, Baby Blue, and White help to develop spiritual powers like intuition, vision and ubiquity in the Najt (space-time).


Purple is used to do away with bad thoughts, illnesses and problems of the mind. This color is the true healer and cuts any energy. Purple can be used when none of the other colors work for specific illnesses, regardless of gender or age. It is a color that cleanses and opens paths. Purple is somewhat similar to the energy of the color black without being confrontative.