Ch’umil’al (20 Day Signs)

Meanings of the twenty Nawales (day signs) of Mayan Cholq’ij (Tzolkin) Calendar


Nawal Imox

SIGNIFICANCE OF GLYPH The glyph signifies a glass of water. The top part is the mouth; the vertical lines represent the roundness. It also represents the maternal breasts, ready to provide milk to the child. It also represents a hand stretched downward. THE DAY This day is good to increase


Nawal Keme

SIGNIFICANCE OF GLYPH The glyph signifies death and it is represented by the closed eyes and the closed mouth with the teeth hanging out. The vertical line represents the cycles of re-incarnation. THE DAY This is a special day to have contact with the ancestors; to do away with mortal


Nawal Kiej

SIGNIFICANCE OF GLYPH The glyph represents a closed hand with opposing fingers; closing off a circuit of energies that charges the four cardinal points which are represented by the four fingers on the right and charged by the opposing finger. THE DAY Signifies the deer and the horse; it is


Nawal Toj

SIGNIFICANCE OF GLYPH The glyph represents a wheel with its axle. It also represents grandfather sun with his energy and the circle symbolizes the law of cause and effect. THE DAY Signifies Tojil; the payment; the offering or penalty; it is the fire of the spirit Ajaw (Creator); heart of


Nawal Tz'i'

SIGNIFICANCE OF GLYPH The glyph signifies the cane or staff that the Indigenous authority use; it is also the tail of the dog. THE DAY Signifies the dog; the secretary; the scripture; justice; authority and the guardian of the material and spiritual law. Represents the fidelity; order; it is the

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