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Next Challenge will be Spring/ Summer, 2017

Challenge yourself to deepen your connection and experience with the power and wisdom of the Cholq’ij Calendar.  The energies of the Cholq’ij must be experienced with the fullness of one’s being to be learned, it is not enough to simply hold to an intellectual understanding.  Join us for a 20 day guided, immersive experience with the energies of the Cholq’ij.  Along with fellow participants, you will receive daily emails with specific guidance, meditations and practices to develop through the full 20 Ch’umilal of the Cholq’ij. We will also provide an introductory webinar and private forum to connect with others participating in the program, and to ask for help, guidance and support.

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Begins May 5th for 20 Days. Expect to receive an email about one week prior to the Challenge commencement.


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