The glyph signifies: the top is a cone which has time rolled up in and becomes uncoiled towards the bottom and reaches the globe of the earth passing through the angles that are both polarities, the masculine and the feminine.

This is the first day of the Mayan calendar. B’atz’ is the start, the beginning, the time; it is the day of the perpetual ceremonies and customs of our ancestors. This day is utilized to effect matrimonial and business ties, it’s a good day to bring things into order or to initiate any plans. It is a good day to ask for: predictions, protection for the artist, well being for the crops, to resolve any family problems. This is the day of the time; it is the day of creation of life and the beginning of intelligence. B’atz’ predicts the future; it is the history that is weaved into time, just like with a thread you weave a dress. It is the human gestation time for a child, it represents the umbilical cord. It is the beginning of life, of the infinite time, of the intelligence and wisdom. It symbolizes the cosmic phenomena, the original wisdom. It represents the infinite time and the unity, through this the man and woman are united and from this originates matrimony. Before the Mayas found the thread they used the palm (tree) (pop) to weave. This is the reason why it is called “Pop” the history written in the POP WUJ (sacred book with quiche origin). In the vegetation B’atz’ is symbolized with plants that climb. On the day Wajxaqib’ B’atz’ (8 B’atz’), the Mayan new year is celebrated as it corresponds to the thread of time that has once more rolled up our mother earth. Belejeb B’atz’ (9 B’atz’), is the day of the woman, of nature in it’s entirety. B’atz’ symbolizes the life of the human being, the possibility of lasting until the flame burns down or the thread is cut.

To ask for a job, to do projects, for engagements or matrimonial ties, to reinforce matrimonies and the societies; for all nature; to ask for things to be in order; to make plans; to protect the artist; help the dancers, musicians; gives grace in the dance; contract signatures; to resolve family matters; initiate any activity; to initiate treatments.


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