The glyph signifies the heart of the planet, the reproductive part of the feminine, the face of a jaguar, the print of a jaguar and the points of this map of the world.

I’x signifies the jaguar and the tiger, the female energy and the feline energy. It represents the Mayan altar, or the Tabal; the intelligence of the four B’alaneb’; the mother earth; the seven guacamayas; a high level of developed consciousness; spirit protector of the planes and the mountains. I’x signifies the creative forces of the universe. This day is utilized to ask for the life of the animals, for the health, for the spiritual power, for the force and energy, for the women that surround us, for the protection of Mother Nature, to thank the earth for our sustenance. This day brings a special force to change negative aspects. It is a day to retreat, meditate, and re-plan life; to formulate new strategies and resolve problems. It is the day of magic and of the management of the occult forces. It is the day of fertility related to the feminine sex – be it person, animal or plant. The energy of the day is related to sensibility. It is a good day to establish good relations based on clarity. It favors the investigations and it brings good doses of intuition. It is a day to apply scientific techniques of magic, especially favors divination. Out of all of the signs, this is the one that mostly expands our minds, to give us the force, to reach the highest levels of consciousness. The psychic abilities and powers are benefited from this day. It also gives an excellent power to the mind, next to firmness and astuteness. It benefits the highest levels of mysticism.

To ask for the path of the animals both domestic and wild. It is a good day to ask for the force; The vigor; The wisdom of the four balaneb (the four guardians of the four corners of the universe); The spiritual energy; Astuteness in life; That we may not have drastic changes; To block the negative energies; To liberate ourselves or someone else of vices; To cut negative energies.


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