The wisdom of ancient, living traditions – kept alive through stories, ceremonies and other practices – can foster our personal and collective development. These lineages of wisdom provide guidance for discovering our deepest purpose and developing a more balanced relationship to each other, our environment and our universe – moving us towards unleashing our collective potential. By reading, listening, and participating we are helping these traditions to grow and evolve as they move beyond the people and places from which they originate. It is with much gratitude and respect that Saq’ Be’ is pleased to present the stories, teachings and wisdom from those that have stepped forward to share them with the world.

We also maintain an archive of stories that featured time-bound content, but still hold timeless wisdom.

Wayeb’ 2024

Tz’apiq’ij – A Sacred Time of Introspection The Maya people are recognized for being the great counters of time, known for the extraordinary precision of their calendars, which are fundamental elements to life and development within this tradition. Among them, the Sacred Cholq’ij is the one that is most known,

Winter Solstice, 2023

Every Winter Solstice, our father and grandfather, Carlos Barrios, shared with us the teachings he had received from his Mam lineage teachers about this significant moment. They told him that during the Solstice, known in the K’iche’ Maya language as Nuch Lu Pam Ri Q’ij, which means “the stomach of


In Maya Cosmovision, the Sun and the Moon exert a strong influence on the life of beings. Both stars are considered to be energies of creation, supernatural forces that are essential for life. They symbolize a manifestation of the Sacred. We must have an awareness of certain cycles that exist

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