Living Lineages

April 7 - Utatlan (Gumarkaj) - preparing ceremony2

Ceremony preparation in Utatlan (Q’umarkaj)
K’iche’, Guatemala

Deep knowledge and wisdom has been cultivated around the world where Indigenous communities have understood the value of enhancing qualities of being and relationship.  These lineages were developed in relationship to place, but were never isolated as ideas, cultures and traditions were exchanged.  We are presently living in an anomalous moment in human history – for the first time the majority of the world’s population does not live Indigenously.

Congress Indigenous people of america - Quetzaltenango 1Various forces and conditions have converged to both enable many of these lineages to travel far beyond their place of origin and to threaten their vitality in their homelands.  These lineages can be seen as living forces, sustained by those that appropriately engage with them – not as artifacts that belong frozen in a museum.  Saq’ Be’ works with communities of origin to support, develop and implement programs that aim to ensure those lineages remain vital in their homelands.

Please watch this brief video of Ajq’ij Carlos Barrios describing the opportunity for Saq’ Be’ to document the living lineages of the Maya:

  • Saq’ Be’s efforts commence with a series of projects to use filmed documentation to keep the living lineages of the Maya vital.  Please click here to learn more about this effort:

Modern Technology to Keep Maya Living Lineages Vital – Saq’ Be’