We draw upon ancient traditions because their deep knowledge and wisdom has developed and evolved over the course of millennia. These are living traditions, that continue to grow and evolve, refusing to remain frozen in time or be erased from history. This blog features the voices that represent this living evolution, creating the pathways to integrate ancient lineages into modern times.

Dispatch from Maya Land #4

It has been a full few weeks since the last dispatch.  While my time here is coming to a close, I’ll reflect upon some of what we’ve been able to accomplish through Saq’ Be’ in that time: We welcomed elder Pichekiix (Mariano Xitumil) who was gracious enough to spend several

Dispatch from Maya Land #3

We’ve had a busy time since the last dispatch. Last weekend, Lina, Yamanik and their friend, another young lady that is also an Ajq’ij came to visit. We had a good conversation, and made some plans for a ceremony and to conduct an interview exploring the role and life as

Dispatch from Maya Land #2

Well, here is my second update with assorted musings from our time spent here in the heart of the Maya lands.  I’ve been reflecting upon the importance of the work we are doing with Saq’ Be’, and its particular relevancy in this moment in time.  We’ve always worked to open

Dispatch from Maya Land #1

Greetings from Guatemala!  Saq’ Be’ North has traveled to be with our Saq’ Be’ family here for a few months.  We’ll be spending time with elders, Ajq’ij’ab and communities, where we plan to continue research deeper into the knowledge and wisdom of the Maya tradition, visit sacred places and work

The Importance of Sacred Places

Throughout the history of human life on this planet, Sacred Places have been identified and revered for their spiritual, ecological and cultural importance.  Our relationship to these places has nourished our evolution and been integral in shaping cosmological beliefs. As the movement into our modern civilization has brought us from the

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