Dispatch from Maya Land #1


Greetings from Guatemala!  Saq’ Be’ North has traveled to be with our Saq’ Be’ family here for a few months.  We’ll be spending time with elders, Ajq’ij’ab and communities, where we plan to continue research deeper into the knowledge and wisdom of the Maya tradition, visit sacred places and work to support those that keep these traditions alive and vital.  We plan to turn important parts of this experience into new and ongoing programming available to you, articles, videos and other means of sharing and clarifying aspects of this rich tradition.

While we began this journey with the Barrios family in Antigua, we’ve since moved to settle in at lake Attitlan.  Although I don’t often write for this site with my own words, I deeply appreciate the opportunity while overlooking this majestic body of water flanked by volcanoes.  I am writing this following the conclusion of the Wayeb and the start of the new ‘Ab Calendar, which is now being governed by the carrier job (five) Tz’ikin.

We will be here for many special events and ceremonies and look forward to spending time with the many incredible keepers of this tradition!  In just a few weeks, we will celebrate another Maya New Year, that of the Cholq’ij, which this year has a special coincidence with the equinox/ zenith sun.  We will be traveling to a sacred place here in the highlands for the ceremony.

I’ll periodically post updates during out time here, and I’m sure Saq’ Be’ will be rolling out content for quite some time beyond.




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  • Cathie Stivers

    Oh my, how very exciting!!! I have read of the magnificent beauty of Lake Attitlan in Martin Prechtel’s writings, and so I will live vicariously through you as you live, learn, and grow there for a few months. All blessings on your learnings and prayings and ceremonies, and on the elders and ancestors who surround and guide you.

  • thank you for sharing

    this is great… we need the old wisdom more than ever here in our country

  • Gary Birmingham

    Safe Traveling If You Enter The Sacred Water It Will Call You Back The Lake Is In Peril Cinoalge Blooms Too Many Nutrients But Polluted Or Pure Still The Navel Of The World
    Enjoy The Feugo Show

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