We draw upon ancient traditions because their deep knowledge and wisdom has developed and evolved over the course of millennia. These are living traditions, that continue to grow and evolve, refusing to remain frozen in time or be erased from history. This blog features the voices that represent this living evolution, creating the pathways to integrate ancient lineages into modern times.

Living Lineages & Healing Addiction

Offering in Lake Chicabal

Can the knowledge and wisdom of living lineages help to heal individuals and a society being devastated by addictions?  This recent article (below) points to a growing awakening, led by the scientific community, over the causes of addiction.  While we often associate addiction with afflictions such as substance abuse or gambling,

Ecological Development & Living Lineages

Temple in the jungles of Tikal

The existing paradigm of development, particularly for “underdeveloped” nations, continues to fall apart as it fails to create a fundamental shift in conditions that foster the well-being and evolutionary development of both people and place and instead breeds cycles of materialism, dependency and extractivism.  We must challenge assumptions and change

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