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Well, it is that one time of year where we come forward to ask our friends to support the work of this organization in integrating living lineages in modern life while supporting their vitality in homelands.  This year, following our time in Guatemala, we are fortunate to have an opportunity to support a very specific project led by twin brothers, Juan and Miguel Ignacio.  They are ajq’ij and artists, native to

Kids at Galeria Maya Pop Wuj

Chichicastenango, where they run Galeria Maya Pop Wuj.  Juan and Miguel wish to further their mission of creating opportunities for the young people and children of Chichi to interact with Maya art and spirituality by constructing a physical space to share cultural and spiritual teachings of the Maya.

The project costs around $2,500.  As a small organization, Saq’ Be’ is committed to this effort and is willing to match support for funds raised.

Below is a description from Juan and Miguel.  Please consider making your tax-exempt donation for this program.




MEASURE: 6×5 mts.

ADDRESS: Casa No. 2-27 Barrio Chilima, Chichicastenango, Guatemaya.


The purpose is to promote and have a physical space for the cultural and spiritual teachings through the philosophy of the Maya Calendar, Maya Cosmovision, and Maya Ceremonies to the youth and the peoples who are interested.


The project emerges from the initiative of the members of Galería Maya Pop Wuj, as a need of being able to implement a physical space to safeguard the Nawales and to be able to treat patients with different needs for Spiritual healing.

This place already has an altar called KANBALAM, founded since 2009, at which ceremonial energies have already been activated.  Besides having the physical ceremonial and spiritual space, there is an Art Gallery MAYA POP WUJ, founded since the year 2001, which has been open and working towards the children and young people of Chichicastenango. The idea of this project is to be able to interact with Maya Art and Spirituality, to be able to maintain the poise and balance of each individual.


This project consist of building a traditional house with a base of adobe and wood, which will be used exclusively for the nawales and for meditation.

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