Casa de los Nawales UPDATE


Thanks to the generosity provided by Saq’ Be’ supporters and the hard work of Juan and Miguel Ignacio and their community, some amazing progress has been made on the construction of the Casa de los Nawales in Chichicastenango.  You may recall this past fall that Saq’ Be’ set out to raise funds to support this project.  We met our targets and were able to send funds to Juan and Miguel a few months ago.  They jumped right into the project, and have been sending photo updates of all the progress they are making.

The Casa de Los Nawales will be a physical space for the cultural and spiritual teachings through the philosophy of the Maya Calendar, Maya Cosmovision, and Maya Ceremonies to the youth and the peoples who are interested.

We’ve shared collages of the photos below and will continue to share updates, including the grand opening.  You can see the gratitude and groundbreaking ceremony, adobe brick making and construction progress.  Thank you to all those that supported making this dream a reality!

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  • Iset

    Thank you all for your efforts to revive the culture. Our ancestors risked their lives carrying on tradition for those yet to be born. We are here now and we are going to light that fire of knowledge and compassion and connection to our Earth as a living being that we need to respect and protect.

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