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Modern technology is opening new ways for us to learn from and nourish living lineages.  A couple of years ago, Jim Jenner and Brenda Bynum joined us in Santa Fe for a consultation with Maya Ajq’ij Lina Barrios.  Their immediate connection with the tradition brought Brenda back here from her home in New York to participate in sessions, workshops and a ceremony in July of last year.  This quick connection suddenly found Jim and Brenda on a journey to Guatemala this past January, applying their film making skills while traveling with Denise, Lina, Carlos and others, filming elders, ceremonies and sacred locations.  This footage is being compiled to make use of the medium to further tell the stories of the living Maya lineage, so that we may learn, transform, and return to nourish the roots of the tradition.  They are hard at work compiling these videos in their spare time, putting forth a tremendous volunteer effort to make this content available.  We are excited about the potential that is being unleashed by filming lineages in an appropriate manner.

While this is being compiled, we are able to share some images of their journey in the gallery below.  More to come soon…

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  • Ik Balam

    We live in Slovenija and we are trying to tell the people here the importance of traditions an knowlege of the Maya people. My family is from a place in Yucatan called “Abala” and since my blood have a peace of Maya, I`m certain my spirit is ancient and belongs to this traditions. I`m glad to see the work you are developing and wanted to greet you for. We are working with calendars and writing sistems, so we have made a show at the library of our town (Sp. Duplek). and it was succesfull. But people can`t really belive that our people could afford such a knowlege, or may be is that theyr minds are blocked. Any way we`ll keep on it. I will ask you for mor accurate information about actual ritual, to see if we can act at least some of them, or try to follow a little. I thank you for your atention and your help if it`s possible. I hope to travel to see you as soon as possible, but I`m not sure when it would be. In the mean time I hope to keep reading your articles. Than you all, may the great spirit brings you ligth allways.

  • Ray Torres

    Just read, Touching the Jaguar by John Perkins. Who calls us to learn traditional wisdom or how the Condor and the Eagle can learn to fly together.

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