For the Maya people and for those of us who follow this millenary way of living, astronomic events such as equinoxes and solstices are of great transcendence, as they not only mark the change of a season, but they also open a portal of connection to the powers of the Cosmos and Earth.

Now that autumn is about to emerge it is reminding us of the cycles of nature, making us conscious of our own cycles which are attuned to those of Mother Earth, for we are connected to her and to the power and wisdom of her rhythms. The autumn equinox brings us a moment of equilibrium, it is a time in which day and night balance their power, granting the same duration to light and darkness, to life and rest. The energy of this equinox opens a space that enables us to find our own equilibrium and that inspires us to remember that we must embrace and honor each part of us, recognizing its essentiality for the balance of our being, accepting and integrating our polarities so that we can become whole and realized beings.

This equinox will happen under the influence of Ajaw Kajib’ (4) Iq’. This number represents the balance, it is our connection to the wisdom of the elements that compose Earth and which sustain our life. Iq’ is the wind that nurtures our being, bringing into the self all the knowledge that emerges from the world that surrounds us and awakening the wisdom we hold within, it is our breath as a giver of power and life.

On this day you can take a moment to sit quietly on the ground, connecting to the power of Earth, sensing all the wisdom that she emanates, attuning yourself to the balance she is experiencing at this moment, breathing through the power of Iq’ the gifts that are carried by the environment, that are connected to your internal universe.

Denise Barrios

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