7 Tz’i’- Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal Tz'i'TZ’I’ is the law. It is the Supreme law, the law of the Order of Creation, of the Natural Order. It is the law of consciousness “the respect for everything that exists is the respect you have for yourself.” In the continuum of the energies that were manifested in the origin of Creation, Tz’i’ is the spiritual authority. It symbolizes the Divine energies, the Cosmic Authorities that gave shape to this dimension and to the levels of Kaj and Xib’alb’ay. B’itol, Tz’aqol, Alom, and K’ajolom are the creating deities that delineated the vision with which the Najt (space-time) was configured. Here every thought and Creation, everything that was given shape, and especially everyone that was given the Breath of Life exists. Tz’i’ is the adviser, the secretary, the scribe, the one that keeps record of everything that has happened. And we have access to everything that has been thought and created, to what we are going to do with our life. We are that authority which will take responsibility for our existence, for the Creation we make of it. We determine our destiny, we have the power to undo the limitations, the problems. We have the power to break with the routine, with others doing the thinking for us, dictating to us what to do. The routine, with no time or space, does not allow us to be aware of our power. Tz’i’ is the colophon of this sequence of the energies of the days, and it gives us the power of freeing ourselves from the limits that are generated by a vision based on the material, on reason. Tz’i’ gives us the power. It directs us to the true reality. It guides our inner being and it expands us to the Cosmic. Every person becomes a spiritual authority. Everyone is connected to the Supreme authorities of the Underworld and the Supra-World. This cycle gives us the opportunity to grow, to reach the purpose of being. We are a part of the prophetic times of the Job Ajaw. Spirituality of these times has a name, that name is “Action”. The last time the Grandfather came down from the mountain he only left a message: “Lets return to being humans…”

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