7 Tz’i’ – Today’s Maya Day Sign (Ch’umil)


Nawal Tz'i'Tz’i’ represents the spiritual law and the law of man, it is justice and authority. It relates to the written word, especially to sacred writings. Number 7 symbolizes a final step before the summit; it is equilibrium and harmony. Today is Wuqub’ (7) Tz’i’, the last day of the 260 day Cholq’ij Calendar. Tomorrow we will celebrate the Jab’nal (New Year). The counting of the days begins on a day 1 B’atz’ and after one veintena (20 days) it is 8 B’atz’, the first day of the Cholq’ij year. Thank the Father and Mother of the Universe for all the blessings you have received during the past year and ask that this new cycle of 260 days will bring balance and harmony to your mind, your heart, your body and your spirit so that you can continue developing on your path of life.

During the Creation of the Universe the day 7 Tz’i’ brought the words.

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