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B’elejeb B’atz’

The energies that affect the Najt/Space -Time come from the Uk’ux Kaj/Heart of the Sky and Uk’ux Ulew/Heart of Mother Earth. The convergence of these creates our existence in this dimension.  It is Ajaw B’atz who initiates the interweaving of reality in the Najt, and one of the most important


The ancestral Maya world recognized that this which we call reality is a world of energies contained in the NAJT: space-time. Each of these energies has a cosmic and telluric correlation. It is from this knowledge that the different calendars that govern the Maya world were delineated. The calendar known

Nawal and Nawalism

Nawal: The Sacred Maya Calendar, Cholq’ij, is formed by 260 days/energies; 20 energies that vibrate in 13 different manifestations. These energies are commonly known as Nawal, which is the name that has been diffused in the Western World. According to the most traditional Elders the days/energies of the calendar should

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