WAQIB’ AJ ~ Today’s Ch’umil


Nawal AjLet us be conscious that our body is our home in this reality, it is the instrument we have to develop our spiritual being in this physical-material plane. The calling of this day is to honor and respect it, let us nourish it with good thoughts, with high vibrations, let us be conscious of what we eat, let us see ourselves as seeds that must be nurtured correctly in order to grow and bear good fruits. Let us remember that spiritual consciousness must be expressed from the micro to the macro. On this day let us also remember Mother Earth as the home of our being, let us honor and respect her.
Seamos conscientes de que nuestro cuerpo es nuestro hogar en esta realidad, es la herramienta que tenemos para desarrollar nuestro ser espiritual en este plano físico-material. El llamado de este día es a honrarlo y respetarlo, nutrámoslo de buenos pensamientos, de vibraciones elevadas, seamos conscientes de lo que comemos, veámonos como semillas que deben ser abonadas correctamente para poder crecer y dar buenos frutos. Recordemos que la conciencia espiritual debe ser expresada desde lo micro hasta lo macro. Honremos también en este día a la Madre Tierra que nuestro hogar .

Denise Barrios

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  • Jessica Anderson

    Dennise, I noticed you are not commenting on the number as much in this cycle. I realize this is an gift of your time and service, and you need to keep it concise. I am wondering how to intergrate the numbers on y own. I know each number, AND each Energy has Its own identity, and how they work together is unique to each pair. I have your book now, do the energy/number pairs Just repeat in their influence every 260 days? I guess I want to know know more about the Numbers!! Thank YOU for this awesome gift of the Daily Cholq’ij!! I am hooked, and crazy about sharing it. I really want to make a coulouring book of kids, but would not take that on with our some guidance.

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