The glyph represents a perforation upon the earth with the Tixjob, that is used to separate the earth to deposit the seeds and the four seeds that represents the four seeds that represents the four colors of corn and the four races of humanity: red, black, white, yellow.

Q’anil signifies germ; seed; life and creation. Creation of the universe, especially life and Mother Nature. It’s a day to ask for life; the germination of the sacred Maize and everything else that Mother Nature produces. In this sign, the four cardinal points are represented and procreation. Day of human realization and knowledge; symbolizes the four colors of maize existent in Meso-America (red, black, yellow, white). It is also a good day to ask for all things that are initiated so that they are good and strong like work, construction, travels, etc. We also ask to do away with shyness; so that our problems may come to light; so that we may have good children; to do away with arrogance and slander; to do away with plagues on our crops; to do away with talkers and liars; to uncover occult enemies; to clear up the skies; to do away with black magic; and to do away with impotence and frigidness. The day 8 Q’anil is good to plant the beginning of healing, for both and addict or an ill/ sick person, and to give thanks. The day of the pregnant women; to revive sterile earth; fertility of human beings, plants and animals. A good day to ask for what you want: business, crops, travels, love, etc.

To separate the good things from the bad; to plant a project; for a person that is having trouble having babies to get pregnant; so that there may be an abundance of everything; for the development of the children; to have a strong growth in life; to change professions; to initiate a relationship; to do away with shyness so that we may not take other people’s problems; to start any treatment; to do away with plagues on plants; to do away with occult enemies.


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