17._Kiej_YamaniK_Pablo 001SIGNIFICANCE OF GLYPH
The glyph represents a closed hand with opposing fingers; closing off a circuit of energies that charges the four cardinal points which are represented by the four fingers on the right and charged by the opposing finger.

Signifies the deer and the horse; it is the four pillars that sustain the sky and the earth; the force and the powers that charge the destiny of humanity; realization of the physical existence; the food; the power of complementation; the wind that passes; the guardian of the forests. It is a good day to be thankful for life and the process of the gaining power for an Ajq’ij (spiritual guide); grateful for the elements: sun, earth, air, water, life. Signifies the four B’alaneb’ and their respective partners; the four cardinal directions and the four paths. It is a good day to ask for the force and the strength; to ask for positive things; so that we may be in balance with life; so that we may be liberated from talkers and enemies; to help us in our bidding; to dominate the enemy; so that our destiny may be protected; so that is may give us physical and mental agility; to do away with arrogance; to destroy the negative in life and to do away with liars on earth.

To ask for strength and power; so that we may have good relationship with the four elements; to ask for mother earth; to ask that we may not be traitors; to do away with lies; to ask for strength in a job; to give us clarity in life; to ask fro strength; to not be weak; to not be manipulated; so that it may give us equilibrium; to be more generous; to have more love; to free us from gossip; so that we may have good contracts; to have physical agility and to develop in the arts.


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