Please Consider Supporting Saq’ Be’ this Giving Tuesday


Please consider donating to Saq’ Be’ this giving Tuesday!

We appreciate each one of you for the way you continue to send us encouragement, to engage with and keep the essence of the lineages we work with alive and vital, both through your recognition and valuing of the teachings in your life and in the support that nourishes the very roots of these traditions.  Saq’ Be’ has been very busy behind the scenes this year, from launching our apprenticeship program, thanks in part to the generous support of the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange and our supporters, to work with supporting the healing traditions in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and emergency funding to aid elders facing health struggles and those that wish to gather with the next generations of lineage keepers. Additionally we continue to publish the Daily Ch’umil, thanks to the efforts of Denise Barrios, collect articles and videos for presentation, and support Denise’s Journeys to the Homelands.  Be on the lookout, as we will even be providing an update to our website soon! While Saq’ Be’ has always operated on a volunteer basis, the expansion of our programmatic offerings does incur additional operating expenses. It is your support and generosity that makes this possible.  We know many organizations are worthy of your support on this Giving Tuesday, but we ask that you please consider Saq’ Be’ amongst them, that your financial gift may be transformed into the food that nourishes the work of Saq’ Be’ and the flourishing of these living lineages in the ways we are called to serve.  You can donate online, or contact us for other ways.  For the past 23 years, Saq’ Be’ has been a tax-exempt organization.

With deep gratitude!

Adam Rubel
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