Saq’ Be’ Apprenticeship Program


Saq’ Be’ is pleased to announce that we are launching an apprenticeship program, to nourish the roots of the Maya lineage by connecting local youth with elders, and providing tools and training for documentation.  Thanks to the generosity of the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange, we are approaching our financial goals to be able to implement this program.  Saq’ Be’ has long worked, at the request of communities, to utilize technology in a way that supports the vitality of living lineages. This represents a tremendous opportunity to bring that work to a next level.  You can read more about the program below.

In order to realize the full potential of this program, we require additional support from our friends.  Please consider donating to Saq’ Be’ to support the organization and this program.  Thank you!

The road we have been transiting in our seek for spirituality has led us to meet many amazing wise men and women. We recognize the blessing it has been for us to hold the opportunity of connecting to these grandmothers and grandfathers and of the importance there is in acknowledging it by doing something through it, as my father used to say “spirituality of these days has a word and that word is action.” 

Standing: Kot (Eagle warrior), K’iche`Achi (high rank warrior), Rab’inal Achi (high rank warrior), Job Toj (governor), Yamanik (governor’s wife) Mun (servant) B’alam (jaguar warrior).
Sitting: Person in charge of the costumes; musicians: trumpet player, child who plays the Tun, trumpet player, and Ajq’ij (Maya shaman).

With this aim in our hearts, we created a program that had the purpose of documenting to preserve and share the wisdom of the elders we were meeting on the path. This project began some years ago. Eager as we were, we started filming with our phones and what we had at home, but it wasn’t long before we got the support of the beautiful people of the Saq’ Be’ community to get the funds to acquire better filming equipment. Throughout these years we have filmed and shared with great elders who were all very open and willing to pass on their spiritual wisdom. Our Saq’ Be’ team, however, is not a very large one and those of us who are volunteers in Saq’ Be’ have been doing the filming, editing, translating, sharing, and communicating. Although we’ve been more than joyful and felt blessed to be presented with the gift of being able to have and share this experience, we knew that now was the time to grow and evolve, to make our impact more profound (we do have big wishes and goals in our hearts for this and other Saq’ Be’ projects that we are walking one step at a time towards materializing) and we have been dreaming and brainstorming about ways to do this. It was in this way that the Mayan Lineage Apprenticeship and Documentation Program was born. The idea of the project is very similar to what we have been doing all these years, to share time with elders and to film and document their wisdom. What is different is that we will now work with the young people of the community who will be paired with the elders to do the filming and documentation. We are very much in love with this project, as now we will not only be documenting the knowledge of the wise Grandmothers and Grandfathers, but also having an impact in the young heirs of this wisdom, providing them with resources that will allow them to have the time to listen to and absorb the stories and oral wisdom of their ancestors, creating through a paid job for the young, bonds between this two generations and empowering the new future leaders of the Maya spirituality. 

We do hope that this project resounds with your heart and that you will be able to donate to support us. For your help and for walking this journey with us, sib’laj maltyox, infinite gratitude.

Denise Barrios

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