Peten Itza – Maya Water Wisdom


Alligator Formation at lake Peten ItzaWe are excited to be able to share the first video from Jim and Brenda’s recent trip to Guatemala.  As we discussed recently, humanity is at a place where we must question the way we relate to water, to treat it as a living gift to be nourished rather than as a dead commodity to be exploited.  The Itza are known as magicians for their work with water. In this video, Carlos gives an amazing perspective into the formation and function of a sacred land formation in lake Peten Itza.

Lake Peten Itza – Carlos Barrios shares Maya Water Wisdom from Saq’ Be’ on Vimeo.

This video was the ultimate film-on-the-fly experience. Traveling in a van full of people on the way to Tikal National Park, Carlos Barrios, an ajq’ij’ of the Eagle Clan in Guatemala, felt it was important to share the mystery of this magical, pristine location. The Maya-made mountain is well named for an alligator which it resembles.

Video and editing by James Jenner and Brenda Bynum

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