The glyph signifies a window which was used in the times of the classic Maya, by our ancestors, in which wind came through.

This is a good day renovation; to ask for the good winds to come and nourish our minds and to purify us; that the winds may take all suffering and illnesses of our loved ones. It is also a good day to cure people that have psychological problems; to do away with passion; with hate and depression. This day is good to reinforce our prayers to the Great Spirit and also to develop the power of our mind. It is also utilized to ask for the purity of our soul; to cure the illnesses of our lungs so that we may maintain our breath and courage. To ask the Nawales of the air that the people may not contaminate anymore; to ask that the prayers in our ceremonies may rise to the heavens; to ask the thunder to communicate humans with divination so that the souls may obtain peace; to ask that the illness may be taken away; and to do away with suffering. This sign is the encourager of energy; it is the representation of the subtle; it is the purity, the crystalline; it gives visions; it brings beauty and harmony. It is the element that governs the ideas; the space that exists between the sky and the earth; it also represents the interior space.

To ask for the spiritual force; to increase in the spiritual universe; to ask for the purity of the soul; to augment the intellect, the memory; to cure illnesses of the lungs; so that we may keep our decisions; to purify the ambience; to ask for no contamination; so that more trees may grow; that our thoughts may rise to the heavens; so that the winds may purify us, the body the mind and that it may nourish our spirit.


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