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Temple in the jungles of TikalThe existing paradigm of development, particularly for “underdeveloped” nations, continues to fall apart as it fails to create a fundamental shift in conditions that foster the well-being and evolutionary development of both people and place and instead breeds cycles of materialism, dependency and extractivism.  We must challenge assumptions and change the way we view the world to change the future we are creating. Here is an article by Charles Eisenstein in Kosmos Journal discussing the failure of existing development frameworks, and pointing towards Indigenous cultures and living lineages to guide us going forward.

If we were to reframe our development goals as seeking to integrate more deeply with a natural order to support the co-evolution of people and the living, natural world around us, how different would things look?  Where do the opportunities lie for us to embrace the wisdom of living lineages, as they reflect the natural wisdom of our planet and universe, and to integrate that wisdom into how we organize our human activities and systems?  What are the numerous examples of where this has happened in our collective history, and where it continues to occur in our present time?

Thanks to Sonja for sharing this article with us:
Development in the Ecological Age

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