9 Kawoq – Today’s Nawal and Maya Creation


Nawal KawoqKawoq means the strength of unity; it represents the family, the community, the society, and the group. It is the energy of abundance, in both the material and the spiritual sense. Number 9 represents the emotional, the intuitive, and the creative. Light a candle to ask the Creator for His protection and blessings on your home, your family and your community.

During the Creation of the Universe on a day 9 Kawoq the Underworld was tested for the first time.

The book of the Chilam B’alam of Chumayel explains the creation of the universe. It tells that the world was created in one Maya month (20 days). The process of creation begins on the day 1 B’atz’ and ends in a day 7 Tz’i’, when the first 20 days are completed. After the last day of creation comes the day 8 B’atz’ (Cholq’ij Maya New Year). When Maya people celebrate their new year, they celebrate that the creation of the world has been fulfilled.

Denise Barrios

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