8 Tz’ikin – Today’s Maya Day Sign (Ch’umil)


Nawal Tz'ikinTz’ikin represents liberty and luck; it is good economic fortune and it brings good luck in love. Number 8 symbolizes the material world, for it represents the four corners of the underworld and the four corners of the upper world, when flowing together they bring the perfect energy to ask for your material wealth and your relationships. This is a good day to ask for personal or community abundance.

Denise Barrios


  • anonymous

    To Saq Be/Sacred Road,
    Do you have any information or knowledge/background to illuminate regarding “burner
    days, assimilation days, transformation days?” or is this only the ‘europeanized’ mayan calendar concept? thank you for the great work and preservation of the great past to
    return to our present. in satya.

    • Adam Rubel

      Thanks for your message! I’m not familiar with “Burner Days,” but assume you might be referencing the Wayeb, which are sometimes referred to as the 5 lost days. We recently posted an article and video that goes into some detail around the ‘Ab calendar and the Wayeb. I hope this might be what you are looking for: http://sacredroad.org/cosmic-wayeb-and-elder-video/

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