9 Ajmaq – Today’s Maya Day Sign (Ch’umil)


Nawal AjmaqThe energy of Ajmaq manages harmony and discord, it is forgiveness for any harm we may have caused, conscious or unconscious, and a day to remove negative thoughts, to ask that there may be no personal or collective confrontations. Number 9 is an energy that helps us connect to magic and spirituality Connect to the energy of forgiveness and spirituality of 9 Ajmaq to find peace within yourself, to search for compassion towards yourself and all the people. This is a good day to pray for the end of wars, to ask that humanity may find peace.

Denise Barrios

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  • Gary Birmingham

    9/Aj’maq Is A Good Day To Forgive And Be Forgiven For Any Woman That You Have Wronged Or Who Has Been False Hearted To You Valentines Day Is In The Next Trescina Shine Your Lovelight!

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