2 Kan – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal KanKAN is the energy, which is represented by the serpent. It is related to Kukulkan or Q’uq’umatz, the feathered serpent, which on a spiritual level symbolizes the energy that transmutes us from the earthly to action, which allows us to elevate to the Kaj (the first sky). Kan is the flight of the Quetzal. Its strength is deposited in the coccyx and it moves through the spine, elevating itself to the brain to activate consciousness. Kan is the power that transmutes knowledge into wisdom, thought into reality. This Ch’umil provokes action; it is connected to one of the Four Rays of Creation, Jun Rakan Kakulja – the ray of the mega spiral of the Universe. Kan is the energetic movement; this means our energy (Kan) and the energy of the Cosmos. Kan is the energetic transmutation which after freeing us allows us to rise to other levels, as far as we want to go (the 13 Skies). It is entering to unknown worlds and dimensions. Even though we know intuitively about these levels, we have the limitation of fear, which halts us from breaking the structures. Activating Kan is an accomplishment we must fight to reach, because the wisdom that this Ch’umil brings is to allow us to see those things that reason prevents us from seeing; it is to unlearn what we have been taught to maintain the structures. When we become aware or we have the determination, we reach that what is called “enlightenment”. But here we are going to unknown grounds, and since we are not connected this brings fear to not doing what is right, to not taking the right path. We have to go within us, there we can remove the limitations, we can break the structures of the mind, society and the system, and we can then reach the purest and more subtle energy. Kan gives us the power, the energy to achieve this, but we must work with determination to reach our Purpose of Life. Our responsibility is to give meaning to our Creation.

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