The ancestral Maya world recognized that this which we call reality is a world of energies contained in the NAJT: space-time. Each of these energies has a cosmic and telluric correlation.
It is from this knowledge that the different calendars that govern the Maya world were delineated.
The calendar known as Ab’ is in essence an agricultural calendar of 360 days plus 5 additional days. These last days are used for meditation, to reflect upon our life, about the things that influenced us, the events that took place during this past year. During these five days known as the WAYEB, people would shut themselves in their home. They would fast and drink only a beverage made of maize (atol de maiz) and dedicate their whole time to go back and recapitulate their life, but mostly this last cycle. Which of the things they had projected had succeeded and why have some of the things they planned not happened? What were the causes and reasons that impeded achieving all their purposes? It is during the Wayeb that we analyze how we feel, what we like about our life and what we want to change or end, that is those things that do not allow us to be fulfilled. It is important to define what we want, what makes us happy, what we want to end, and how to remove from our life the people or situations that are an obstacle for our development.
This is also a time to project and plan the next cycle of 360 days…
This is a very important practice to stay well and in complete harmony with ourselves and with the world that surrounds us.
The COSMIC WAYEB is related to the Winter Solstice, and according to the Elders, the five days from the 21st to the 25th of December is the time in which the Father Sun rests. This is an apparent vision seen from Earth in which the Sun remains motionless in a corner of the Universe during these days. It is for this reason that this time is used to meditate and reconfigure our life.
Let us use these five days as a tool to renovate and plan our purposes.
The ancestral knowledge indicates that we must be aware of every action in life. The advice is to take this opportunity with the necessary determination, with the calmness needed to search within ourselves. The wisdom, the peace, the harmony are deep inside each being… we just need to be determined to find it.

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  • Iset

    Thank you so much for this information Carlos. I really appreciate this extra insight into the Cosmic Wayeb and using it as a time of reflection and how the Sun has this galactic ‘pause’ at that point.

    My husband and I were married on the Winter solstice 12/21/2001–because the Winter Solstice is significant to us and the world. We wrote our ceremony and our vows. We visualized our marriage procession down the isle as our procession to the center of the Milky Way and our alter represented the center of the Milky Way. We wanted to anchor True Cosmic Love in the galactic center through our marriage ceremony. I read before that my ancestors (Maya) used to visualize and meditate from Center: Heart, Sky, Earth, and Galactic center. This was our personal way of honoring that in a way that benefits many.

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