Teachings by Grandmother Armadillo Rojo: Part 3- Emotional Body


Mayan Fire Ceremony


Gratitude and forgiveness; we will give thanks to our emotional bodies for all the feelings we may have had throughout the course of our lives. Especially the ones that have given us joy such as love, empathy, friendship, as well as those feelings that have caused us sadness; the death of a friend, a family member, separations etc… We ask forgiveness because we haven’t cleansed this in a long time.

Air element

We are going to draw a heart on a piece of paper, thinking that this is our own heart. Place the piece of paper in front of your mouth and with a strong loud voice you will say the following phrase; “my heart is cleansed by the pain that caused me to abandon the work”, now blow on the piece of paper with the heart. Say another phrase and blow again, say something for sadness, for the loss of a friend, of a love, for the times that you didn’t cry, for the times you swallowed your tears.

Fire element

taking an unlit candle, begin to pass it over your heart, asking that the candle pick up all sadness, pain, sorrow, leftover weeping, etc. Then light the candle so that the fire can consume that energy.


Earth element

Taking 13 flowers of your most favorite color, we’ll individually pass them saying a proclamation that our hearts may be filled with love with the first one, with friendship with the second one, with solidarity with the third, and this way until we complete all 13 with positive feelings.

Water element

We’re going to place 13 drops of essential oil or some aromatic water on our hearts and visualize how the water seeps into the heart, leaving the heart fortified and full of fragrant water.

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As we move deeply into this age of visible consequence, the turbulence of our time provides incredible challenges for maintaining one’s internal equilibrium and balance within the world.  To help us navigate these rough seas with more grace, Armadillo Rojo has generously shared a four part process for clearing obstacles and reinvigorating our being. We will publish the series in four parts, featuring a new body (mental, spiritual, emotional, material) each week. We encourage you to participate in the exercises as described, and hope that it may help you to find balance and well being in this time when our collective strength is being called forth. We also express our deepest gratitude for the sharing of these timely teachings with us all.

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