Supermoon: Opportunity to Redirect Our Purpose



According to the vision of the Maya World, we are living the times of change, which are related to the New Cycle, the Job Ajaw or Fifth Sun.

The events that are happening indicate that the paths for the readjustment of the energies are opening, this readjustment comes with much strength and affects us both in the individual and the collective, as a humanity.

The standards with which we have lived are being shaken. It is the time to restructure our system of life in the social, material, and spiritual; in the essence: our relationship with the environment, with the manifestation of Mother Earth.

We are filled with a diversity of thoughts before the uncertainty that destiny holds…

This November 14 we have the opportunity to redirect our purposes.

The Moon will come closer to Mother Earth and a special space will open in which we will have the opportunity to free ourselves from the burdens that affect us, in our thoughts and feelings.

In the space of the sub-lunar plane (which is located between the Moon and the Earth, closer to the Moon) all the energy of thoughts and feelings, both dense and subtle, from all the human beings who exist and have existed, is accumulated. It is the space of the sensitivity of the psyche, in all its manifestations. The love, compassion, frustration, fear, hate, etcetera.

During this night the full Moon will be influenced by the Maya energy of the day -Ch’umilal- 11 K’at, which is the net that traps the unbalance, those negative feelings and thoughts.

Since Grandmother Moon will be closer to Mother Earth, her power of attraction is stronger. When the Moon rises we can meditate, think of those things that limit our development, the evolution of our spirit. We have to take action to get rid of this energy.

With the help of a white candle you can focus in its flame and direct your thoughts to this light that will take them to the sub-lunar plane, take as much time as you need. Make a recapitulation of who you are and how the internal and external thoughts affect you. Rely on the flame to remember, to define, and to let go, one by one, each thing that limits you, that imprisons you. Rise your eyes to the Moon and place the candle-flame between the Moon and your vision. Remember, think, take action and free yourself, send it all to the sub-lunar plane.

If you can’t do this exercise when the Moon rises, you can do it at any moment of the night.

After taking this action, it is good to receive the light of grandmother Moon, guiding it to your crown, to receive the new vision of simplicity, of not complicating yourself, of being open to the realization of the new being, of consciously filling yourself with happiness!

There are thoughts that bring with them a line of action, a tendency. These come form what we have learned and are used to repeat the same experiences. Our purpose must be focused in the possibilities, product of our state of awareness, we must let flow and free ourselves of all those things that limit us.

“We are the ones that create reality”.

Carlos Barrios

Carlos Barrios is a Mayan Ajq'ij, who originates from and resides in Guatemala. Carlos is the Coordinator of the Spiritual Reserves of Humanity for Central America and Coordinator of the Water Project for Central America for UNESCO.He has been given the mission by his elders to begin sharing the prophecies and teachings of the Mayan peoples with the rest of the world. Carlos travels internationally to share these teachings and to generate awareness and support for the rescue and preservation of the ancient Mayan tradition in his homeland. He is also the author of "The Book of Destiny", a book on the cosmology, Cholq'ij calendar and prophecies of the Mayan peoples.
Carlos Barrios

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  • Donna Salvadore

    Thank you Carlos. I am going to share this information with my women’s group as we gather at the ocean in circle tonight. We will send thanks and prayers forth to the water and globally and to you as well.

  • Heidi

    Muchas Gracias Don Carlos, compartire esto con mi grupo de meditacion, amigos, familia y estudiantes

  • De

    Deep gratitude to you don Carlos Barrios. This is information i’ve waited for. Maltiox. Blessings.

  • Patricia

    Thank you for posting this. I was captured by the image of the full moon, because this is what I was shown in one of my dreams. This gave me a deeper understanding of what my spirit guide was trying to convey to me. Con Mucho Respecto y Amor. Gracias

  • Patricia Sanchez

    Thank you for posting this. I was captured by the image of the full moon, because this is what I was shown in one of my dreams. This gave me a deeper understanding of what my spirit guide was trying to convey to me. Con Mucho Respecto y Amor. Gracias

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