Spring Equinox


In the Maya tradition rites and ceremonies are inextricably linked to the forces of the Universe and Mother Earth, to sacred numbers and energies, to the solar and lunar cycles, to mythology and cosmogony. Everything is configured in such a way that it flows in perfect harmony with the Geo-Cosmic energies. Thus, for the Maya people and for those of us who follow this millenary way of living, astronomic events such as equinoxes and solstices are of great transcendence, for they not only mark the change of a season, but they also open a portal of connection to the powers of the Cosmos and Earth. They create the energetic conditions that allow us to raise our vibration to higher levels so that we can connect to our own divinity. If we are conscious of these events and their energy, we are able to vibrate at the same rhythm of Mother Earth and the Cosmos.

Now that spring is about to emerge, that life will begin to sprout again, we will be vibrating with the energy of the Spring Equinox (autumn for those who live South). Equinoxes are moments of equilibrium, Mother Earth finds a balance between giving life and taking a resting period after bearing her fruit. Day and night balance their power, giving the same duration to light and darkness, to life and rest. The energy of the equinox opens a space that enables us to find our own equilibrium. It is a moment that teaches us that our inner being is a universe of inseparable and complementary opposites. Let us not forget that we are the receptacles of the energies of the Universe and Mother Earth, that our configuration is the result of a cosmic-telluric convergence. That we must honor each part of us, recognizing its essentiality for the balance of our being, accepting and integrating our polarities so that we can become integral beings.

Under the energy of the Equinox a portal is open for us to connect to the supreme energies, to activate our dormant powers and awaken our consciousness, to become harmonized with the wholeness of our being and vibrate in resonance with life. We can use its energy to come closer to a state of conscious evolution, to find balance between the right and left hemispheres of our brain, between our spiritual and material planes, our mental and emotional manifestations, our female and male powers… With this purpose in mind we can light an offering of candles and incense to the East where Father Sun rises, to the West where he sets, and to the Center where we are united to the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of Mother Earth. Through these offerings we will open spaces of connection and elevate our invocations, focusing our energy on the path walked by Father Sun.


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