Rest of the Ajaw and Purpose of New Cycle



According to the tradition of the Mam Mayan Elders, on December 21 – the day of the Winter Solstice, there is a period of five days of rest for the Ajaw – the Grandfather Sun.

The Ajaw (Sun) settles in one of the corners of the Jun Kaj (the first level of the thirteen skies) and rests for five days. This visual station, as is seen from Earth, is for our tradition a moment of reflection known as the Cosmic Wayeb, the days of introspection and meditation. This position of the Ajaw allows us to have stillness in our mind and in our energy that also affects our physical level. This influences us according to the energies of the Choq’ij Calendar, the Calendar of Life.

Now that our Grandfather Sun began its journey we must project our purposes for this new cycle. During these days we must outline the purpose and direction that our life will take, we must program and determine what we want in every level, the changes that we are going to make and the way in which we will accomplish them, remembering that the power of our mind is infinite.

We can also create a vision at a communal level, in this vision we can determine the wellbeing of our community, also thinking that it will expand to the whole world.

It is very important to put the energy of our thoughts in the destiny of Mother Earth and Human Beings. Our thoughts and visions should be directed to halt the destruction, racism and intolerance. We must create, with all our strength, with the power of our mind and the power of our heart, the necessary energy to stop the confrontations of war to which the great world leaders are taking us.

According to the Cholq’ij Calendar, the path of Grandfather Sun has began on a day I’x, which symbolizes the strength and balance of magic. It also means the power of the Jaguar, which to the ancestral Mayas was related to the mythical Jaguar-Men who thousands of years ago restructured the pollution and chaos that existed.

This is the moment to RETURN TO BEING HUMANS!!!!

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  • Vince

    If the wayeb is during the last 5 days of the year, how does it start on dec 21? I thought it started dec 27? Thx!

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