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“We sell ourselves to be able to buy that which doesn’t serve us, and when what we really need comes before us we no longer have the means left to acquire it”

Absalon Uyawayaska, Wise Man from the Amazon

Sacred FireToday, I have been contemplating life and the good fortune of being which we have been gifted. Why is it we exist? It is because existing has given us the awareness of our being and the ability to say we are alive and cognizant. Our consciousness is the alignment and harmonization of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being along with the confounded presence of reason, trying to fulfill all the empty spaces of life. All this while accepting the integrity within our soul and joining through the force of the real essence, which has been designated “spirit”. You simply have to feel it as a light, with the magical essence representing that which joins us to everything, to the original vibration, where the creation that leads to reality emerges.

Today (today is the eternal present, the configuration of reality in the Najt which in the Mayan Tradition is the time-space) a wise man said that there are two types of beings: the ones who think they live and the ones who are conscious of their existence. He also said the latter have the responsibility not only for themselves, but to develop the planetary consciousness. This means that as sons and daughters of Mother Earth, as impeccable warriors of their own integrated awareness, they are responsible for helping to achieve the transition of the Planet as a living entity towards its own evolution.
As the Mayan elders say we are living in rough times – this is part of the prophecy. We don’t have to ask which prophecy, because in the end they all take the same path: the expected change to regain harmony with Mother Nature, to change the social and economic systems to something more fair and natural.

I was told by a wise man, “there is a fear of the drums of war, but we should be more frightened of living unconsciously, of having lived without transcending… and not completing our purpose in life.”

A woman was talking to me today of material needs and everyday life: “we need to substitute this reality, each day that we are in the material world, even though our vision points to spirituality”. There is much reason in her words since we live in a world where even water is sold to us.

My teacher Don Pascual told me it is about looking for balance, taking conscience, throwing out the superfluous. It is about not selling our life to be able to buy lots of things we don’t need, that only satisfy the illusion we were sold of feeling that we are someone, when in reality we have not yet noticed that we are already someone, part of creation and that we have a right to exist.

The celebration of the Wuakxaki Batz, (Mayan New Year) is the beginning of a new cycle of 260 days of the sacred calendar called by the wise man “Tzolkin”. As usual, during this holy celebration I approached the elder Grandfather, the Wise Prophet, who is always the one that gives us the guidance and the prophecies for each cycle.

I waited on a big line of all the ones who were searching for his blessing. As I approached, my partner Carlos Alvarado (my brother in the destiny of this infinite path that is the Mayan World), we asked ourselves why he had not given the message he always gives in this transcendent day. This message is a guide of prophecies and recommendations, that helps us orient for this new cycle, and which is our obligation to pass to the other spiritual people. After looking at us and turning his gaze to the woods, he looked to the sacred fire. After a deep silence, as he measured his answer, he told us:

“There is no prophetic message today. In the last years we have given prophecies, we have talked of the dangers to which we as humanity are exposed. We have called humanity to return to the path, to return to the natural order, to take conscience of the irreparable damage that we are causing to Mother Nature. We have called to the conscience of the leaders, the people that have the power to create a balance in the social and economical systems. How is it possible that our brothers throughout the world are starving and, even worse, millions of our children are starving, walking through the streets of the great cities, without a roof, begging for a piece of bread? What can we say? Is this the pride of our great civilization?”

But our calling has been mainly to the beings of Light, to the Spiritual Guides, to leave individualism , to bury the ego, to work in the purpose of saving Mother Earth, and hence the human race. The prophecies have been given, all humanity is conscious even though they try to live ignoring reality, it is very clear on their subconscious, as they say, in the occidental world. In our inner being we all know what we are living.

No one can ignore the prophecies and not see the destruction around them: the heartless wars for unsuspected economic purposes, the fundamentalist-religious confrontations, the new viruses, new and incurable diseases, plagues and of course the lack of balance in nature, hurricanes, inundations, droughts, earthquakes, starvation, etc.

However, it seems like we prefer to live in the dullness of ignoring reality and follow our lead into an abyss.

We, as the ones responsible for guiding humanity, see the indifference and the impossibility of changing each human being. Now, we are left with the ceremonies, meditations, and joint efforts with other elders and wise men of every great tradition.

Today, we only want to transmit the message of asking for something very simple:



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