Saq’ Be’ & CSEE Live Discussion: November 29th, 2022


How can we support living lineages to remain vital in this modern era?

On November 29th, 2022, we had a live online presentation, hosted by Chris Casillas of the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange (CSEE).  Denise Barrios and Adam Rubel of Saq’ Be’ were be present to share some background on the Maya cosmogony, understanding of the Maya calendars including the sacred Cholq’ij, and the journey that has enabled these lineages to remain vital up to this current day.  We will also learned about an exciting new partnership with CSEE, where Saq’ Be’ is preparing to launch an apprenticeship program to nourish the lineages within communities, including developing the next generation of wisdom keepers while honoring and bringing alive the wisdom of elders. We heard about an opportunity to join with one of the few remaining openings for an upcoming journey to Guatemala in January. Finally, Denise and Adam answered questions related to the topics presented. You can view the event recording below.


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