Birth Altar of Tikal


Steala at ceremonial altar in TikalAs we celebrate mother’s day in the west, we are pleased to be able to share this video about traditional mothering practices in the Maya lineage- as seem at a birth altar in Tikal. Thanks to the film work and production of Jim Jenner and Brenda Bynum (Oasis Theater Company), we see Maya Ajq’ij Carlos Barrios describing the way a sacred altar was used to make prayers and offerings for pregnant women and to present children once they have been born:



Located in the Tikal National Park of Guatemala, this little known site was the ceremonial center for women going through pregnancy and childbirth. Carlos Barrios speaks to the events that took place is this peaceful, inspiring location.


9 months StelasCarlos describes the deep connection the Maya lineage embodies between the energies of the Cholq’ij (known as the calendar of life) and the development of our human experience as we enter into the world.  This embodiment at the start of life oriented individuals, families and the Maya society towards a deep harmony with the natural order of creation.


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