B’elejeb B’atz’ – Tata Pedro Ixchop & Carlos Barrios


Maya Elder Pedro IxchopB’elejeb B’atz’ for 2017 first falls on Monday, January 15.

We are fortunate to have an article from Carlos Barrios, and a video from Maya elder Tata Pedro Ixchop, on the significance of B’elejeb B’atz’

Wajxaqib’(8) B’atz’ is the first day of the count of the Cholq’ij Calendar. There is a great celebration on this day. In Guatemala, thousands of traditional Fire Ceremonies are celebrated, as we begin a new cycle of 260 days. This is an important moment to organize and ask for the fulfilment of the purposes we have set out for ourselves. The energy that rules this date is one of a physical and material realization.

B’elejeb (9) B’atz’ is also an important date within the count of the Sacred Calendar. It is celebrated 40 days after Wajxaqib’ (8) B’atz’. B’elejeb (9) B’atz’ is also celebrated throughout the country and carries with it an energy of sensitivity for realizing the spiritual purposes we have decided to reach for.

During this important day, lets connect to the energy of B’elejeb (9) B’atz’. Let’s be aware, throughout the day, of its strength and power. If we wish to increase the effects of it’s energy, we can light a candle or a fire to connect to this Ch’umil. Lets ask that this Sacred Fire may increase our sensitivity, the power of our vision, the revelations through dreams, and the power of our mind. Let us focus upon balancing our polarity to open the space to both the masculine, material, and physical energies and the female, emotional, psychic, and spiritual energies. The energy that comes with B’elejeb (9) B’atz’ is a very subtle one and it allows us to develop the asepcts to which we normally don’t pay much attention, but which is highly important and which allows us to have a balance as whole beings.

B’elejeb (9) B’atz’ has many elements of the female energy, for which many people call it the Day of the Maya Woman.

  • Carlos Barrios

In this video, Tata Pedro discusses the significance of B’elejeb (9) B’atz’ from a traditional perspective. This includes its relationship to Waxaq’ib (9) B’atz and the significance it has for both men and women. Don Pedro’s teachings here come from a deep root and ancient lineage, and sometimes differ from the current understanding, even amongst many ajq’ij’ab.  Maya Elder, Don Pedro Ixchop is the head of the Association of Maya Ajq’ij in Guatemala.


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  • Iset

    Lovely! Thank you–I learned much today. A question that I have the final sentence was: “I think that stage of the 9 moons has no meaning if we see it from the point of view of the mathematics.” What does elder Tata Pedro Ixchop mean by that? Here is my guess: My first thought is he is referring to the count of numbers 8 and 9; as these days tend to be associated with 8 as the men’s top of the pyramid’ count of 13, and 9 being the women’s top of the pyramid’ count of 13. By Tata Pedro noting the holistic approach of both men and women sharing in both days of celebrating 8 B’atz and 9 B’atz–the numbers 8 and 9 in these cases do not assign a day for men or a day for women for these special occasions.

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