A Call from the Mayan Elders To the Human Race – 2005


Mayan Elders 2005“The light is within us; let us work for our destiny-our destiny to better the human race. Let us become more aware of our actions; let us be more compassionate to our fellow human begins and to ourselves.” This is a call for us to listen to our Mayan Elders.

Don Pascual (a Mayan elder) would tell me “we are living in the time of the Prophecy, a difficult time.” Don Pascual was a member of the Clan de Aguila (The Eagle Clan) my mentor, and my spiritual guide and was one of the greatest wise men. Don Pascual belonged to one of the oldest organizations in the Mayan World, believed be over thousand years old. Not only did they preserve the pure magic and mystic of the ancestral world back then, but the same tradition has been preserved and is still being followed to this day. Don Pascual was a Chimam (Aj’qij), a wise Shaman, belonging to the nation of the MAM (the oldest people) located in Huehuetenengo, Guatemala.

Don Pascual would tell me the following message: “the convergence of the Great Cycle has come back to the visionaries, not only in our traditions but also, other traditional tribes. In this Epic time that we are living, we will be seeing and experiencing destruction, confrontations, intolerance, irrationality, religious radicals, wars. There will be diseases that we have not seen or known, plagues, floods, earthquakes, droughts, hurricanes, and Mother Earth will grow hotter. And the saddest thing is that we see all of what is happening around us and we will be passive, doing nothing, because we are so involved with our daily lives and our material needs that we will take things for granted. If we would stop and listen to Mother Earth, we would recognize that she is protesting and telling us to pay attention to her needs that we, as the human race, have taken for granted. She is saying that we have also been irresponsible, causing contamination and not stopping the destruction. How you ask? We are accomplices for letting a few unscrupulous humans destroy hundreds hectares of forest everyday, factories that contaminate the atmosphere and for what? To consume those products that in reality we do not need nor want. But it is offered to us to make our lives easier and happier. With this we only show the unconscious actions and our passive attitude we have because we are programmed to live our lives in the most comfortable way without thinking what we are doing to our Mother Earth. If we do not stop what we are doing and change our attitude and be more conscious we can only wait and see what our Mother Earth will unleash, as she will started correcting all the error that we have done to her. And that is how the end of the cycle will commence, and that is how part of humanity will disappear. But we still have time. We do not see the disposition, the consciousness, the unity. We only see the madness, consumerism, illegal drugs, alienation and big egos. Not caring what we are doing to our Mother Earth. We must be more conscious before it is to late.”
My teacher Don Pascual told these wise and prophet words to me in 1997. (Ref. KAM WUJ El Libro del Destino, Carlos Barrios. L. Squirru Ed. Sudamericana, 1999).

I could only remember his look, gazing to the distance and looking into the future. I remembered the fog around us and the Cuchumatanes Mountains in the horizon.
I want to believe that we are still in time!

Several days ago, I received a call from the Elders, the heirs of Don Pascual, from the Eagle Clan. They are always courteous when they call, but this time I noticed a serious tone at the other end of the line. “We have been trying to get in touch with you, since December. We are concerned with what is happening to our Mother Earth.” Since they have always been direct to the point, they started telling me that the Mother Earth is in despair, unleashing her furor at us, sending us Hurricanes, Droughts, and just recently the Earthquake followed by the Tsunami that provoked floods, and killing our fellow brothers and sisters in Asia and Africa. But according to the Elders this is only the beginning of what is to come. In the five Continents there will be floods and earthquakes. In our country we have already three volcanoes erupt. In Mexico, the Popocapetel is also active. In the Western Coast of the United States, as well in parts of Europe, it has been raining non-stop and causing floods. We must remember that Guatemala is the Torch of Light and our call and our message to all of our Brothers and Sisters is that we need your help. We have already begun performing ceremonies since December.

But that is not enough. We need the help of our Brothers and Sisters in order to continue our mission. We need to perform at least a Thousand ceremonies, but the ideal would be Two Thousand Six Hundred. We would appreciated it if everyone would donate ten dollars in order to buy material to keep on doing our ceremonies and to give thanks to our Mother Earth for what we have. That is why I am coming to you to give you the message of what the Elders told me the other day. And tomorrow the 18 January, which is an important day in the Mayan Calendar (Chol’qij) 9 Keme, which means the change in cycle and to give away to the bad energy, we will be doing a ceremony tomorrow along with the Shaman’s of the Amazon and the Andes. The Elders are asking all of you to please light a fire, light a candle, to meditate, anything that comes with in you and this must be done before sunset or during sunset. And not during the night, for we are trying to eliminate the dark. On this day we will commence our ceremonies and meditations and will be focusing on our Mother Earth to ask her for her forgiveness and for her to guide us with her light so we can unite our energies and transmit love and positive force to our friends and invite everyone to join our cause to change our destiny. From this day forward until July 18 (8Kiej which is the day that the Mother Earth opens her heart to us and connects with the hand of God). So, it is important that everyday before sunset we make our fire ceremonies, light candle, meditation, etc.

The most important days for the celebration are: January 18; February12, which is the Mayan New Year; And the 18th of July. The Elders are also inviting anyone who is interested to come to Guatemala before the 12th of February. That day (8 Baatz) is the New Year in the Cholq’ij Calendar and we will be celebrating our New Year with ceremonies. And also on the 18th of July we would like to invite everyone to come and join us for the last ceremony which will be in the sacred ceremonial center of Tikal.

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