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Saq' Be': Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies serves to surface the deep wisdom from ancient lineages into our modern world through stories, teachings and other sharings, both online and in person. We support efforts to grow the continued vibrancy of such traditions.
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Stories from Living Lineages

The wisdom of ancient traditions - kept alive through stories, ceremonies and other practices – can foster our personal and collective development. Read the stories posted here to learn from keepers of living lineages.
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Cholq’ij Calendar

Of the many Mayan calendars, the Cholq'ij is considered to be sacred, relating to the energies of humans. Learn about the depth of this tool, to better understand your own sense of purpose and how to move through the world in harmony. Explore the Cholq'ij Calendar



Saq’ Be’ (pronounced sock bay) is a Mayan term referring to the white/sacred road, the Milky Way and the spiritual path of one’s life.  Our organization serves as a resource for all who seek to walk a sacred path through their life, facilitating the integration of ancient wisdom into our present moment.  This site is a repository of stories and information for personal and collective healing, transformation and evolution.  We are able to offer this thanks to the generosity of others and readers like yourself, with deep respect and gratitude for those that have kept, and continue to keep, the traditions and lineages experienced through this site alive.  Please join with us by exploring the content, programs and other offerings available here!