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Living Lineages contain extensive knowledge and wisdom that can help us to understand our purpose in life, how to balance our relationships to the people, world and cosmos and how to heal physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Learn from lineage keepers in the stories section and connect with knowledge about a powerful Maya tool for development, the Calendar of Life (Cholq’ij).

Feature Story: Cosmic Wayeb: Recapitulation & Projection

This post features an article by Carlos Barrios and video of Maya Elder Pichekiix (Mariano Xitumil). Both address the significance of this period of time and Tata Pichekiix discusses the ‘Ab calendar and Wayeb in greater depth

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Experience and Evolve


The knowledge and wisdom on this website is merely a portal to a deeper understanding that is developed through experience so that we may evolve spiritually. Experience living lineages directly through Saq’ Be’ programs including the Daily Ch’umil, Cholq’ij Challenge, meetings with lineage keepers for teachings, workshops, consultations and ceremonies and other offerings. When shown a path, you are still the one that must walk it!

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Integrate and Nourish


Living lineages are a gift that help us to heal and evolve, but we must be responsible with this gift by integrating ancient wisdom appropriately into our modern context and by nourishing the roots of the traditions, namely in their homelands. We highlight a world seen through transformed eyes in our blog. Saq’ Be’ initiates and supports efforts to support lineages so that they thrive in their homelands.

Filming Lineages

Modern technology is opening new ways for us to learn from and nourish living lineages.  We recently supported a small film crew to travel to Guatemala to begin to capture the stories, teachings and wisdom from the Maya lineage.  This will be a source of material to be shared throughout the year.

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