9 Kawoq – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal KawoqKAWOQ – In this sequence of the energies of Creation, this Ch’umil is the one that gives importance to coexistence. Since it represents the family, the community, humanity, we have to realize that the purpose of human beings is to fulfill their own experience, but this should be connected to the evolution of all, for we all are the manifestation of Mother Earth. By now, in this cycle that we are living, there should already be a human level expansion in relation to the cosmic. On December 21, 2012 we entered an era directed to ether, projected to the galactic relation. The glyph for Kawoq (the circles that look like some sort of grape cluster) represents a family, but it is a cosmic family, for everything comes from above to the last circle. Everything comes from the Cosmos to the Earth and from the Earth to the Cosmos. The obstacle we face as a humanity, which was foreseen by the elders, is the thoughtlessness and the influence of the media to which we are subject and which is inducing us to a confrontation that affects the family with a lack of respect, instability, and disorientation. If we extend this to humanity, we can see that nowadays we live in intolerance, racism, and classism. But let’s remember that this is part of the changes that come with this new cycle, and the old socio-economic systems bring this readjustment. Lets seek to join in.

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