8 Tijax – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal TijaxTIJAX is the lightning; it is the obsidian knife. The wise grandfathers call it the double-edged blade. This Ch’umil has an important role, for it is the energy in this chain of evolution that breaks the shackles that trap us in each of the four planes of manifestation, beginning with our limitations. To break them we need to focus in our inner being to review and recognize who we are, what entraps us. We cannot lie to our own selves, for if we do, what level are we in? Tijax, then, has the purpose of breaking those structures, it helps us take away the fog that is blinding our vision; it tears the veil. Tijax is deeply related to the Rays of Creation in its physical-material manifestation. It is the one that breaks the bonds that tie us in the four planes. It is the one that takes away the illnesses, the one that heals us. In these times, Tijax frees us from the limitations of reason. This Ch’umil gives sense to freedom. It allows us to engage in a new dimension, where we can access the development of our dormant senses. Magic, which is the technique that allows us to use these energies, is under the auspices of Tijax. We are the ones that set the limits.

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