6 K’AT ~ Today’s Ch’umil


Nawal K'atThe confluence of K’at with number 6 could bring energetic imbalance. During this day you should pay special attention and have awareness of your actions, words, and thoughts so that they don’t create or trap you in any entanglements. Use your power and magic to let go and free yourself from any restraints that trap you.
La confluencia de K’at con el número 6 podría traer desbalances energéticos. Durante este día debes tener especial atención y consciencia de tus acciones, tus palabras y tus pensamientos para no crear o quedar atrapado en eneredos. Usa tu fuerza y magia para soltar y liberarte de las ataduras que te atrapan.

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  • Tunkan Conde

    6 K’at – the instability is in part the burden that the net bag represents, and our difficulty in hefting the corn now for later benefit. The slang in American English is “baggage”. We carry it. We try to put it down, as it weighs on the soul. But we must take it to where it must be stored for later, and this is the 6 K’at challenge. Carrying our burdens on a rocky road.

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