6 Ajmaq – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal AjmaqAJMAQ is by excellence the energy of curiosity. It is the seeker of something that we are lacking. It is what drives us in our search for knowledge, for experiences that will allow us to expand our being, our consciousness, our development, and our merging with the origin. Let’s remember that in the past, because of our haughtiness, seeing ourselves as Gods, our vision was blurred by a fog that prevents us from looking at the Heart of the Sky, at the depths of space. Ajmaq must break through the limits and the structures that halt our evolution. While its essence has the stigma of the sins, it also has forgiveness. It is because of this that it can trap us in problems. It can become rigid and grim. It does not channel the self control, but it becomes dominated by its own rules. The purpose, then, is to return to the inner path and find freedom within ourselves, to break the structures that entrap us. Not living in fear, letting go of self-importance, and becoming non-judgemental brings us closer to freedom, which is a state of consciousness. The search for compassion is the key in the path to Creation. This is what opens the space for us.

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