5 Tz’ikin – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal Tz'ikinTZ’IKIN is the intermediary between the Heart of the Sky (the Sun) and Mother Earth. It is the space that opens communication between the Igneous Heart of Mother Earth, Q’aq’ Alom (magma) and the face of the Earth, entering to our heart. Tz’ikin is the vision. It is the one that communicates the essence of our being with the essence of reality, which is the image of this Creation. From it comes the vision of the future, which is the result of the structures of the Najt (Space-Time). It is the power of traveling between the circles which configure the Najt. The purpose of this energy for this moment is to have control of our mind, of focusing and directing our thoughts to be connected, to be aware. It is intuition, revelations through dreams, precognition of the dormant senses that we all possess. This is a moment to take away the constraints, this is what we should focus upon. Remember that spirituality of these times has a name, and that name is action. The same happens with economic well-being and with love, which are under the auspices of Tz’ikin. These are a determination of the creativity that we delineate. This is a moment to return to the reason of being Humans in the concatenation of the thread of Creation.

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