5 Q’anil – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal Q'anilQ’ANIL is the seed. It is the action in everything that we begin, in what we plant. A seed contains all the information of what will develop – for example a seed of avocado has all the information of this plant and when it grows it will be an avocado tree. In the context of existence, a seed is not seen only as the one that produces a plant, a fruit, or a flower; it is also the thoughts that sprout in the form of creation. It is the projects that we want to carry out and which, like the seed, contain all the information and features they need to develop. Just like the seed, our projects need to have a base and planning, a creative directionality to accomplish the purpose that we have outlined. In the concatenation of the Ch’umilal, the vision of the elders indicates that Q’anil is planting the seed of the new being. The being that we need to restructure according to this new era. This seed is part of the information, of all the experiences we have lived. It is planting a new ground, planting a new world and making that new world flourish. It is creating another world, literally. It is the seed of a new being in our being.  Q’anil also represents our children, who are the future of the human beings. Our children are the fruit of what we have done within the purpose of evolution of Mother Earth. Let’s remember that we are the sons and daughters of Mother Earth and through us she has experiences. Our destiny is bound to hers and for this reason the legacy that we are giving the new generations is important. We have to be clear about this, because there is an extraordinary technological advance (that has just begun), but we have neglected the essential part, the connection with our inner powers, the harmonious relationship with the environment. That is the real spirituality, we must guide both ourselves and our children toward this balance. Let’s plant that seed.

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