5 Aq’ab’al – Today’s Ch’umil (Maya Day Sign)


Nawal Aq'ab'alNumber 5 is the energy of action and the elevation of creation. Aq’ab’al symbolizes the dusk and dawn; it is a renewing force that allows you to let go and head in a new direction. Enjoy the energy of the Sunrise and the Sunset; let its power flow through your body and re-energize you.

Denise Barrios
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  • Cathie Stivers

    Hi Denise and Adam,

    Thank you two for continuing the Saq’ Be’ teachings and communications. I look forward to the May challenge!
    Just wondering when the Guatemala folks will be heading to SF again. I’m assuming you’ll let us know on the website.
    All blessings on your path and home and loved ones,

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